vulnerable, intimate, full of life

 I’m passionate about people who invite me into their lives to document their story. You are not just another date on my calendar or another client to check off on my list. My approach is to capture you for who you are. I’m not going try to make you look/act like someone your not during your sessions. I want to capture it all; your quirks, jokes, laughs, snuggles, kisses, smiles, goofiness, tears, your emotions and interactions that make you two special. Each relationship is special and unique and is to be celebrated.

The way he looks at you walking down the aisle, the reaction of your loved ones seeing you after you slip into your dress, the moment you two are officially announced husband and wife and the sweetest kiss that follows, the quiet moment you two take during your reception to really soak in the day, your friends and family being together in one place celebrating you two. Those giddy, exciting feelings you get thinking about your wedding day, those are the feelings I want to capture.

My goal is that when you look back at your photos of your wedding day, you get to relive those moments and feelings all over again.

some of my favorites

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