I come to the table with zero expectations when it comes to your wedding day. My goal is to capture you two for who you are as individuals and as a couple, whether you are fun and adventurous or intimate and cozy, I want that to shine through in your photos. I'm not here to push your wedding to look like something your not. I'm here to capture everything that is happening around me and to make you feel 10000% comfortable infront of me and my lens

and that's what makes it so beautiful

each story is unique

capturing those moments that you want to last forever

vulnerable, intimate, full of life

Having Taylor as my photographer was one of the best decisions I made for my wedding. She is the absolute sweetest to work with. She made my husband and I feel so comfortable in front of the camera and that is not something that happens easily for us.....

You can be exactly who you are here.

TBC couples