Honestly, I am so glad you are here! I’m Taylor, a movement-based, natural-light wedding and lifestyle photographer calling Georiga home. I have been behind the camera since 2016 and between then and now, there have been so many kisses, snuggles, belly laughs, promises and some of the most delicious cakes. I currently live in Augusta, Georgia with my husband,  and our two pups, Abby and Gibbs. When we aren’t busy with his high-school band or my photography, you can find us traveling to different cities, trying new restaurants and coffee shops or spending my evenings out on our porch.

I'm so glad you are here.

About Me

Human connection
Experience over production

My Approach

With consultations, sessions, and meetings even before the wedding, we will be spending so much time together. I want you to feel comfortable around me, to not worry about texting or calling me with any questions you may have, to send me hilarious gifs (because honestly why is that not a love language?), and for you two to be who you truly are with zero expectations from me. During your wedding day, I will be there for all the smiles, laughs, tears, frustrations, and I will be your biggest cheerleader as well as your bodyguard when you two just need to have a moment. We’re gonna laugh, dance, sing and hype you two up to have the best day ever!

My goal is that when you look back at your photos of your wedding day, you get to relive those moments and feelings all over again.

My love for photography started when Jared and I lived in Waco, Texas and since moving to Augusta, I have had the honor of capturing so many beautiful stories. My love for photographing couples really stems from my love of serving and loving on others. From the second you guys decide to book, I am in your corner! It is so important to me that as your photographer, I am not just another vendor. 

Listen here, I'm in yall's corner!!

vulnerable, intimate, full of life